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Why hasn’t The PS4 and Xbox 720 Out yet?


I think if Sony and Microsoft ever want me to buy there gaming consoles again they Need to get with the times. I have not bought a consoles in over 8 years now. Your wondering why i bet well only reason is PC on line gaming and here are the reasons why. The main problem with all gaming consoles is PC world and world gaming is so far pass them and building the elite PC is all in how much you spend. Most games for the PC have far superior graphics to that of any gaming console. and every 6 months or so the PC gaming gets better Because the PC world is all Looking for more why to keep ppl going Sony and Microsoft are only after the money they can get out of the ppl that don’t understand the PC world. Gaming with a PC you can do any thing that a PS4 or Xbox 720 could do and with the PC there no limits as to what you can do. So if i had to say when the PS4 and Xbox 720 comes out i’d say to long and to late because with my PC and the know how i can play all consoles Game from a PC the and not even worry about paying Sony and Microsoft jack. I’m not say i wouldn’t like to have a PS3 or Xbox 360 but my point is why pay for stuff i don’t need at this time. So if Sony and microsoft dose not want to keep up with the times then its there own loss more and more ppl are getting the hang of PC’s and what they can really do so for those ppl that want to get stuck with Sony and microsoft telling them there not ready for real gaming then i thing you should take a look at the cost of gaming and start understanding why these companies are making billions off you. Just because one has money dose not mean you should be told when your ready for the next lvl of stuff stop letting big companies like Sony and Microsoft tell you what you want and put a little pressure On them to keep up with the ever fast growing pace of technology. Just so every one know i’m not trying to bash these companies I just really wish that gaming consoles where better then my PC but the truth of the matter is a gaming consoles could never hold its own to a well build PC and with that said i leave the ppl to there own choices it is for me to tell others how and what to do i’m only giving you the option to a better gaming and i realy hope that Sony and Microsoft See this because i really want a better option then the PC. So plz don’t get on here a bash me im only trying to help Sony and Microsoft understand why i left the console behind i’m a thinker and needed more then what they are giving to ppl I still have one of the first PS2 consoles that hit the US over 10 years ago So i’m only asking for the help in making a better gaming console for every one

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  1. i think it would almost destroy Microsoft they would have to completely rearrange everything and sony so you know it would kill them

  2. The Xbox 360 was intended to be a 10 year console, so that would put it back to 2015. Personally, I wouldn’t put out too much hope for one, because it will be very pricey when it does come out.

    In the movie Real Steel, there is an ad for Xbox 720 in the stadium, and that movie takes place in the near future. We may see an announcement in a year or two, but don’t get too excited.

  3. am sry am not readint all that , google for an aswer if there is any ,, i personally never heard of ps4 at least nnot officially.

  4. I don’t know a lot of games get released on both consoles and pcs so in that aspect a pc is better for graphics and performance, but I still like to play certain games on the playstation that pc does not have. I also find the multiplayer to be a lot better on consoles more people are playing online. I am glad to play them both, The Witcher Enhanced Edition is amazing with a pc that has hdmi.

  5. 1st – did not and will not read all of that. entirely too long and has poor grammar/punctuation.

    2nd – well the answer is easy: they haven’t been released because they don’t exist yet.

    3rd – if you’re happy with PC gaming, STAY WITH PC GAMING! i don’t see the need in complaining and getting all huffy about consoles if you have something else that’s making you happy.

  6. If you don’t want people to bash this then you should have posted it under the PC section.

    I have been a gamer for well over 20 years and I started out as a PC gamer. I was a PC gamer allot longer than I was a console gamer. I will admit that the PC delivers a better game in terms of graphics & sound. But quality of the game itself is down to personal taste. Some games, I feel, are better suited for consoles while some are for PC’s.

    But PC gaming is only better than console gaming as long as you have the hardware to support it, and that is constantly shifting and changing. Not everyone is tech savy enough to do the upgrades themselves. Every few months you have to pump more cash into your PC to keep it Elite enough to get the best out of the latest games. This is the reason I left the PC. Perhaps you are lucky and live in big city with plenty of competing PC hardwareshops selling at very competitive prices, but I like, many others, do not have that luxury, nor do I have the patience to order online. Either they send you the wrong item, arrives broken, or takes weeks to get here. This is far to much time & effort just to play games.

    Maybe consoles are inferrior but at least they maintain a realistic standard that the average Joe can adhear to. Sure, the Xbox did suffer from the RRoD. But hey, I’ve spent only a fraction on my consoles than I did on my old PC. The purpose of consoles is to be a simpler alternative to the PC. Which it is. The average person is a large majority of the consumer market.

    Do remember that when Sony & Microsoft make a new console they have to design it to last for at least 6 – 10 years, otherwise it is not worth selling it in the first place. That means they’ve got to put into the console state of the art tech. When the 360 & PS3 were first released they were well ahead of any normal PC (the tech was available, but very expensive at the time.) The “720” is in production, this Microsoft has mentioned, but as they are still in the designing phase not much else is known. It is believed that the next Console will be formerly announced at next year’s E3. I don’t know about Sony, but I assume they will follow shortly afterword. I´m sure they are both trying not to repeat the mistakes they made with their previous systems (XB’s RRod disaster) & (PS3’s idiotically expensive release system that took too long to come out anyway.)

    Though the PS3 seems to be going strong for the moment so I’m guessing they are in no rush to release a new systtem. But the XB is starting to show it’s age and even the most loyal XB knows it. It’s only a matter of time until the PS3 totally dominates the Console market. (I view the Wii is a party favor and I won’t recognise it as a serious console!)

    Point of the matter: I get what you are saying, we are all waiting for the next Gen consoles. Yes PC gaming is very good but it is also a matter of taste & finance. As much as I would like to go back to being a PC gamer, I’m just not bothered with all the muss & fuss with the tech side, plus the fact that I live somewhere a bit remote doesn’t help. I like the XBox and it is easier for me use. It lack some good titles but still has many that I adore, and many that are still to come out. I enjoy games for their experience not the graphics & sound.

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