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When do new PS3 games generally drop in price? How long does it take?


Debating whether I should buy Skyrim now or wait until the price drops. How long does it usually take for a brand new PS3 game to drop in price?

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  1. it varies from store to store and game to game.

    if you subscribe to @game magazine from best buy, there are coupons that you can use that gives you a price drop right away. i got parasite eve 3rd birthday 10 bucks cheaper just a few weeks after the release. same thing for dead rising: off the record.

    if there is going to be a price drop, it’s usually at least 1 month after the release. see, most stores have a 30 day price match so if everyone bought the game on launch date and the store has a price drop, it would have to give the discount to everyone, so stores wait until 30 days after launch before it has a price drop so only those that bought the game within the past 30 days will get the discount.

  2. a couple of months , i would get skyrim now as its a top game and will take ages to drop in price , mabye about 4-5 months

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