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PS3 HELP! whats goona happen?


my ps3 broke and i called customer service and the dude sed to rebuild it, but does that mean lose all of your online data including your game data?

take call of duty 4 for ex. if you have played it online you would understand

if you rebuild the system does all your ranks go away as well as the stuff you unlocked or is it saved to your PSN


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  1. try saving your data to a psp or external hardrive.I ‘ve heard it happen

    this way you won’t lose all that hopefully

  2. if you do reset your ps3 then sadly, yes you will lose your game data files but if its possible to save your game data files on a produoMS then try that.

  3. All your online game data is stored through your PSN ID. If you format your hard drive you will not lose your COD4 online progress as long as you sign back into the same PSN ID. If you do not back up your game data, however, you will lose your game saves. If you decide not to back up your COD4 data, your online stuff will not be effected.

    Use a USB flash drive/hard drive to back up your game saves, and remember what your PSN ID name and password is to avoid losing any of your stuff.

  4. dont worry my husband had to do the same thin he dint lose his rank on call of duty he just had to reset his themes and stuff

  5. wait. he said for YOU to rebuild the ps3? Thats screwed up. anyway, you/they might be able to move the hdd over and keep your game data. you better make sure to ask them this when you talk to them again

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