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I cant ventilate my ps3 slim but on the big ps3 you can?


how can i ventilate my slim
because the big one you can automatically ventilate but the slim i dont know so do you have an idea

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  1. Give the vents several feet of open space and keep them clean. That’s how you ventilate any PS3, let alone the Slim.

  2. If by “automatically ventilate”, you mean the dreaded “fan test”, that was the worst thing you could possibly do to your PS3, the “fan test” was not designed to be used for that, and could break your PS3.

    In this regard the Fat and Slim PS3’s are the same, and all you need to do, is keep it in a place where there is plenty of space all around it. Keep it off the floor where it would collect a lot of dust, and once a week, get a LOW powered hand held vacuum and GENTLY vacuum the vents:)

  3. Sony were trying to cut the costs of the slim and removed that feature. Just keep the space around the back open and lightly vacuum the dust out if you are worried.

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