Home Playstation Forum how do you fix a ps3?

how do you fix a ps3?


how do you reset the ps3

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  1. Hold the power button until it beeps twice. This will reset display, OS or PS3 firmware(3.15 or lower), and themes.

  2. Have the ps3 on standby (red light) then hold the power button until you hear 3 beeps, then it should be reset.

  3. Well there’s always the answer below me.

    Or you can reset the whole thing.

    Turn the system off.

    Hold the power button till it turns on then off.

    Do it again but when you here two beeps let go of the power button.

    It will say. Attach the USB into the controller or something like that.

    Choose whatever you want. BUT Sony recommends you do file restore first

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