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Expandable Memory for PS3?


Is there any way of getting more memory for your PS3? I have an 80 GB PS3 with hardly any memory left, and I need more memory for installing more PS3 games because, as you know, they take up a lot of space. So, for instance, if I run out of memory, would I have to buy a new PS3, or is there any way of expanding the memory?

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  1. Upgrade your PS3’s hard drive. Any 2.5 SATA with 5400rpm(any laptop hard drives) will work with PS3.

    You can install up to 500gb.

  2. NO, you don’t have to buy a new PS3 just because the memory has run low. You can delete older game data so that you can make more room for your newer games ( I suggest deleting game data of games you don’t play anymore and I don’t mean the save data you can keep that) or you can always buy a bigger HDD and install it. Any 2.5″ SATA internal laptop drive with 5400rpm will work, you may want at least 320Gb. I replaced my original 20Gb drive with a 160Gb you can find videos to help with replacing the drives on you tube its really simple.

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