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XBox clone HDD from old?


I have a 120GB drive, and want a 320GB one for less. If I get one on Amazon, half price of Microsoft drive, they don’t work with old XBox games. Not a biggie, b/c I have an XBox Halo Ed still. However, I also have some clone software and cables. Can I just clone my HDD to the new one and skip the middle man, plus have backward compatability for XBox original games then? I’m moving, want to save money, but still get a bigger drive and give my brother my 120GB drive. (Took his 60GB and my 120GB drives from our fat consoles and put them in our slim consoles. Not new to some of this stuff.)

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  1. Your cloning software won’t work on the 360’s disk format. Even if it did, your 320 GB drive would now appear as a 120, wasting all that new space.

    Do it right and just use a transfer cable to move stuff from the 120 to the 320. It doesn’t really take all that long to do and is guaranteed to work.

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