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Xbox 360 Red ring of death question?


So after owning my 360 for only 1 week now. I got the infamous red ring of death. I have a question tho. I read that when your power supply light is green while the red ring of death occurs its a problem. My light was orange. Is this the same thing? I disconnected the cables and the red ring of death was gone. Can I expect death of my 360 soon or was there something wrong how the cables were connected? Thanks.

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  1. Yep you can 😀

    It’s like the grudge, “It never forgets, and never forgives”!

    And Microsoft will fix it now, even just if you got it once, because it will come back to haunt you.

    Have fuuuun

  2. it was just the cables

    believe me, same thing happened to me, it was fine for like a year or whatever until it actually got the red ringsw

  3. Is it BRAND NEW?


    You’d be surprised, lately the refurbished 360’s are better than the new ones that are still on the shelves.

    Refurbished ones now have UPDATED hardware that stops the death ring.

    Microsoft has allocated millions for fixing this problem, get in touch with them.

  4. Plug your 360 into an outlet that has very few electronics on that circut,. Having reduced, flatuating, or ungrounded power supply can cause issues.

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