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PS3 or Xbox360?


Ok, They have been out for a some time now, but yet Im still not sure, which is better? I like playing sports games and games like Gears of war, metal gear solid, and grand theft auto. I also like playing online alot. So which one is better for me? I had an xbox 360 but i got the ring of death and now im selling it, and thinking of buying a ps3, or should i just send it in to get fixed and keep the 360? Opinions pleasseeee

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  1. I’m not one for the pathetic ‘side taking’ where consoles are concerned. I have a PS3 I’m very happy with it and enjoy the fact it supports Blu-Ray too. It’s more expensive but I think worth it.

  2. it really depends on what you want. obviously gears of war wont be on PS3 anytime soon, but chances are that games like MGS wont be on 360 either. most 3rd party games though will be shared by both. alot of developers are lazy and program for the 360 first, which leads to losses in quality when its ported over to PS3. also consider you’ll have to pay extra for every little thing on 360, when just about everything that must be bought seperately comes standard on the PS3. blu-ray kicks butt. and not just for movies. and given everything that the two consoles do the PS3 is actually cheaper than the 360. but games are what its all about, and games will push the decision for you. the 360 has a larger library, but when you compare the two, they both have the same # of cant miss games. PS3 has more exclusives on the slate for this year and next than xbox does. with gears 2 being thier only horn to toot. ps3 has final fantasy 13 on the horizon, god of war 3 next year. haze, resistance 2, and killzone 2 this year, with heavy rain and infamous to be anounced for either the third quarter of 08 or next year.

  3. 100% send it in to get it fixed.

    Why? Because you’ll get it fixed for free.THEN.you could think about selling it if you want to. 🙂

    Both are great consoles (so don’t listen to anyone who tells you not to get one of the consoles, or that one console is way better than the other :)). In the end, it’s going to come down to the games. Whichever console has the games which appeals to you the most (both now, and those coming in future), then that’s the console for you.

    Ideally, having 360 and PS3 would give you the best of both worlds, but if you can’t afford them both (or simply don’t want two consoles), then don’t worry about which console you have, because you wouldn’t regret either. So even if you do sell your 360 and get a PS3, you could still get a 360 again in future when the price is lower (or get a PS3 if you keep the 360).

    Good luck on your choice.

  4. i think you should just get your 360 fixed. i think that 360 is much better for those games and for playing online.

  5. Get the PS3. Metal Gear Solid 4 is gonna be Game of the Year. PS3 has better graphics and the best games are coming out now. This is seriously the best time to get a PS3. Or you can wait for a month and Get the Metal Gear+PS3 bundle package

  6. If you are really into online gaming, PS3 is probably going to be a little difficult for you to adapt. It’s a nice machine though.

    Unfortunately, I don’t recommend buying another Xbox360 either. You should wait for the new model coming out this summer/fall so you won’t have another red ring.

    How about meanwhile, play something different? PSP or DS? If not, just get the PS3. 😛

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