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need help please, new to xbox!?


hey, i just bought a xbox and i want to connect to xbox live, i have a eircom wireless router and i have a pc and a laptop connected to it, i know i need the wireless adapter if i want it wireless but how do i connect it and what wires do i need if i don’t want it wireless, also do i need to register my console.

sorry, i haven’t a clue, im actually trying to set it up for my 7 year old son. thanks

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  1. You just need a cat5e cable which you can pick up for about 10 bucks from somewhere like ebay, make sure its cat5e though, just type that into ebay, or ask at your local electrical store. Once you get it you should have an open port on your router, plug one end in their, and then the other in your xbox. This will establish a direct connection and after this you just need to set up his xbox live account, you can set up parental controls then aswell which would be useful for your 7 year old son.

  2. i personally don’t own a xbox but in general when connect any electronic device to the internet without going wireless you are going to need an Ethernet/cat5 cable to connect it to your router.with your console being an xbox you will also need to purchase a xbox live membership card because xbox will not let you connect to the internet without an up to date membership

  3. ok for your router thing, you do need the adapter to game wirelessly but what u can do is get the ethernet cable the gray one from your xbox 360 box it should have came with the 360 plug one end to your router and plug the other to the back of your xbox and boom you have internet connection to your xbox! For the register thingy, what you can do is go to xbox.com and log in through your xbox live account and register your console using the 12 digit serial code found in the back of the 360, its not required but i highly recommend it so that its easier to deal with any problems with your 360. Good luck. and have fun with your new 360

  4. if you do NOT want a wireless connection, you need an ethernet cable (which should come with your xbox). You have to plug the ethernet cable into your xbox and the other end into your router ( if its not long enough, you need a longer cable.)

    However, i reccommend a wireless connection

    If you are talking about registering for xbox live, you have to turn the xbox on, and when you do so, you should see a icon that says “sign up for xbox live.” you can probably figure it out from there. Also, you have to buy an xbox live membership card from gamestop, bestbuy, etc.

  5. You need a Cat 5, 6, or 5e cable and run it to your laptop.

    A 7 year old child should not be playing on Xbox Live. Do you let your kid surf the internet without knowing what he’s doing? I doubt that. Now add in the fact that the people he will be interacting with age average is 26. Do you honestly believe that’s a safe and secure environment for a child? Even if he’s being supervised, he’s too young to be playing on Live. This is how children get hurt and then the parent turns around and blames the internet or Xbox Live.

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