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How to fix my PS3 display problem?


I bought a bulky version of the PS3 with a 500gb hard drive from a friend and he said the only problem was that it didn’t display on his tv. IDK if it has to do with the whole rca/hdmi thing, but my other friend told me that it was the beta version and I should get rid of it. I need help in getting this to display, my friend gave me a controller, the PS3 and the cables for only 100 bucks. Can someone tell me if this is a hardware malfunction because it doesn’t turn display on my rca tv but my tv responds to it turning on and after it turns on. It doesn’t pick up on my controller after I’ve tried several times to plug it back in, but it works on my comp.

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  1. — Make sure the PS3 is off and the TV is on and set to the correct input depending on the cables being used. Press and hold down the power button for about 10 seconds or until you hear the second beep. Wait for the screen to come up.

    Make sure it isn’t the problem with the cords, especially if using an HDMI, use a different HDMI or old cord from your PS2 maybe.

    Make sure to try it with an HDMI cable if you haven’t already, something might be wrong with the female end of the component/composite piece to your PS3.

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