Home Xbox Forum why do some people complain about paying for xbox live?

why do some people complain about paying for xbox live?


so i`ve been going through websites on the web looking at ps3 vs xbox. and ever time i find something its always”you gotta pay 50$ a year for XBL,while ps3 is free” is it that big of a deal i mean 50$ a year seems like a fair price its not like its 50$ a month or anything. also does anyone else think this is a fair price for XBL? and no i am not trying to start up a ps3 vs xbox argument or any ps3 or 360 owners ripping on different consoles.

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  1. Like someone else has said above me people like to whine and complain, I own both consoles, and personally I prefer Xbox Live over PS3 online service, cause you know that saying you get what you pay for, well its true. PS3 online service isnt bad but, the 360 has a way more easy interface and more user friendly. They just came out with Playstation Plus, and though you dont have to have that to play online, but I still find it comical that alot of these fanboys on yahoo answers that have made a comment about having to pay for online service for the xbox, and how the PS3 is free are now buying Playstation Plus which is the same price as Xbox Gold membership.

    Now I love both of my consoles, I use both of them and dont think one of them is better than the other, but when it comes to playing games online the 360 does excel over the PS3 in terms of a bigger online community, and cross game voice chat, and party chat.

  2. Because people love to whine and complain about every possible thing.

    But Seriously, if you think about it, is only 4 dollars a month, get a freaking job. You can get it cheaper.

    One thing i dislike is the expensive internet receiver, which is 70$ dollars which you only pay one.

    Xbox live is a lot better than psn, which has less players, sucks, more difficult to add/make friends (it is much easier to ask “what’s your gamertag”), and i don’t think you can private chat while playing. And plus Xbox reduced its console price to $200

  3. For quality of service I don’t mind paying a bit, but you can usually find it cheaper online for Gold subscriptions so I can live with that.

    I’ll pay extra for a common interface to make communicating with my friends easier.

  4. It’s not a big deal to me. I can find it for $35 on Amazon. I don’t mind paying either, It’s worth it. I’ve never had any complaints with the service.

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