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Turtle Beach Problem ='(?


As you all know it was Christmas about a week ago and i got these turtle beaches PX3 for my PS3. Now they worked the time i had them, then i brought them to a friends house and they worked there but then when i brought them back they turned on but i did not get any sound. I plugged them into the transmitter but still nothing. Now i noticed that the transmitter’s light was blinking moderately and 3 times. It was very faint but each one was brighter than the other but none of them took on full brightness. I tried to pair them thinking that was the problem but it just sat there blinking forever. I do not know what to do personally, i mean i turned up the volume and made sure that everything was plugged in right but it still doesn’t work. Please help me. Do not forget they are PX3’s and it’s a Playstation.


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