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PSP 2000 or PSP GO, which is the better device?


I cant decide which one to get, which has overall better graphics, I know the psp go is more portable, but the 2000 has a larger screen. Please keep it between these 2, I don’t have enough for the Vista.

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  1. PSP 2000. The go has no disk drive so you cant buy the cd games for a couple of bucks. You have to download them all to your Go. And the go is not compatible with most of the previous psp Accessories.

    So what im saying is. If you buy go. You pay more with less features

  2. I read through it and just go crazy when people call it a Vista. Its not a windows Vista! Its a VITA!! NO S! Anyways, I don’t know much about a PSP 2000, but I do know that a PSP Go will only let you download games. Psp gos and 2000s have the same screen size btw. knowing this its just up to you, whether you want to use game discs or not for your psp.

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