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PS3 / NAT / DMZ?


Guys i want to set my PS3 in DMZ mode so i have a better online experience.my WiFi is Thomson tg585 v7 and whenever i set my PS3 to DMZ mode the internet stops and i have to restart the WiFi why does this happen? Please help quick

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  1. DMZ refers to the network between your firewall and your internet connection from your ISP.

    The easiest way to setup a DMZ today is use 2 routers. I have Comcast so their modem has a router built-in. I then bought a second a router like so:

    (internet)–[ISP Router]–[2nd Router]–{ my computers, phones, etc }

    In this setup, if I were to connect my PS3 or any other device to my ISP Router, it would essentially be in the DMZ.

    The PS3 has no “DMZ mode” – it doesn’t know or care about such things.

    In my setup, if I wanted the PS3 in the DMZ, I would turn the ISP’s router’s WiFi and DHCP back on. Then I would configure the PS3 to use this WiFi network and not the WiFi from my 2nd router. (yes, you can have multiple WiFi networks – they just need to use different names.)

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