Home Xbox Forum is microsoft putting in a blu-ray player in the xbox 360?

is microsoft putting in a blu-ray player in the xbox 360?


cuz if they are i’m gonna wait until they do <3

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  1. Blue ray is inferior technology to HD DVD. it only hold more data, HD DVD is much more versatile, Blue ray is all hype and not substance. Now blockbuster is siding with blue ray. I hope netflixs goes the other way.

  2. they will never put it inside the xbox. maby some day they will make a external drive but its very unlikely. you best bet if you want a blu ray player or a HD DVD player wait a little while samsung said that they are making a Blu Ray/HD DVD player that will be out later this year. and i think that samsung also makes the least expensive next gen dvd player at 200$-400$

  3. No, Blu Ray is a Sony Product.

    Why make a good product like the 360 so horrible with a Sony piece of equipment? HEH.

  4. No, Microsoft is one of the major supporters of HD-DVD. Not to mention, their rival in the gaming industry, Sony, developed and essentially owns Blu Ray. Why give money to their competitor?

  5. 1. Unless Blu-Ray wins the format war (and Blu-Ray already lost the format war IMO), XBOX will never have a Blu-Ray drive

    2. If any console gets a drive change, the PS3 will get HD-DVD instead of Blu-Ray

    3. Blu-Ray is one of the worst HD disc standards ever, and it’s made by SONY, it’s due to run into read/write problems and what not, SONY products are problematic and error prone

    4. If for some strange reason Blu-Ray wins the format war, the only thing Microsoft will do is make it compatible for 3rd party USB Blu-Ray drives, they might make a drive themselves, but I highly doubt it

    long story short, Blu-Ray is a flop, the only thing keeping it up is it’s name

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