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How would I transfer my account/games to a new ps3?


Hi – so I am thinking of buying a different model of ps3, but I’m wondering about how I’ll transfer my psn account & all the games I’ve purchased etc. to the new ps3. Anyone know if this can be done, and if so, how? Thanks.
Yeah – it’s for the ps2 compatibility. Who cares if they don’t make ps2 games anymore – the reason I want it is to catch up on the titles I missed (I didn’t ever have a ps2). But yeah thanks for the tips.
Update 2:
Oh yeah – and one more question – is there a way to erase my user accounts so that the person I sell it to gets a blank ps3? Or is there a way to keep the games on the system when I sell it without having him use my psn account (that would add to the selling value, for sure)?

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  1. why get a different one?

    for ps2 playback? they don’t make them anymore

    for a bigger hard drive? you can change the one in it for a larger one easily

    anyway , just sign in to your account on the new one , go to transaction management and on the download list find your games and re download them

    you will lose game saves though , a backup would have them , but can only be restored on the original machine that made it

  2. Well you’ll have re-download the games but, for your account, when you create a user and go to the account management bit there will be sign up for PSN but it will ask you if you already have an account and you just type in your e-mail and password.

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