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Microsoft HDMI cables with the PS3?


I’m buying a PS3 in like two weeks. I already purchased a microsoft xbox 360 brand hdmi cable for my xbox 360. My 360 however was not compatible (no hdmi output). Will this cable work on my ps3 as an hdmi cable? I’ve been told about hdmi 1.2 and 1.3 but I have no idea what that means. If I cant get the best quality from this cord explain why and what other hdmi cord should I get. thanx

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  1. yes I have both systems. I was able to switch My HDMI cable between the two consoles. If you do eventually need to buy a cable. Do not fall for the Gold connectors they are a gimic. Also if your get the PS3 Go with the higher end version you won’t regret it. It is backwards compatible with PS2 games. I have it and love it.

  2. well. it should work. but if it doesn’t then you should go to any electronics store like fry’s or circuit city or gamestop and buy an HDMI cable for at least $90 cuz these ones have better warranties an usually have better quality. also another tip is the shorter the HDMI cable the better cuz the signal from ps3 to tv gets to the tv faster and clearer.

    hope this helped you out!:D

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  3. I think that HDMI cable will work fine because all HDMI cables are pretty much the same. Just plug the HDMI cable into the back of the PS3 and into the back of the TV and see if it works. The graphics should be much better and you could go to the Display Settings to see if it is on HDMI.

    Please don’t ask the same question over again. You have already received two good answers from good contributors to the Answers community.

  4. Yes it will work, but it is not an HDMI 1.3 compliant cable. So you could lose some functionality in the future if Sony updates the firmware (It wont get worse, just might not get better!)

  5. Yes, it will work, but you won’t get the best possible picture.

    1.2 is older technology, and why Microsoft used it is beyond me. 1.3 is updated, more information (sound, video) can pass through it at a better quality.

    You can get ANY cable, for ANY price, but let me just tell you, in the Official Playstation Magazine, they stated that when looking for an HDMI cable, pick the cheapest one you can find, because they all do the exact same thing. You can buy one at Wal-Mart for 20 dollars. Just make sure it is 1.3 compliant. It will say right on the packaging. Don’t go spend 100 dollars on a cable, it’s honestly just a waste of money. When I got my PS3, I borrowed my cousins monster cable that cost him about 85 dollars, because I was waiting for the cable I wanted to be in stock, and when I got my 20 dollar cable, I went home and compared the quality of the picture with both cables, they were exactly the same. Don’t get fooled! Get a cheaper cable, no difference. Spend the 50 or so dollars you save and buy a new PS3 game!

    If you purchased the Microsoft cable less than 30 days ago, I’m sure you could still return it. Just tell them you didn’t know your xbox didn’t have an HDMI port. Most places have a 30 day return policy.

    Have fun with your Playstation 3!

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