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Xbox won’t connect to Internet?


I was on my Xbox in a part playing online and everything then I was disconnected from live. So I tried to reconnect and there was an error. Then I turned off my router waited, turned it back on. Tried again. Still no. I’ve done this like 10 times. I’ve tried turning off my Xbox. Still no. My brothers xbox is connecting and I’m receiving Internet on my iPad just fine! Just this Xbox won’t connect. It says the IP address isn’t doing something. Idk. But how do I fix it?

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  1. first do u have the right web key cus that could be the problem make sure that u clicked on the right internet and put in the right web key or maybe the online plug isnt plugged in check in back of your xbox and see if you wireless adaptor is unpluged note if you have xbox 360 slime then you wont have this plug lasty you maybe got hacked

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