Home Videos Xbox One X (OPINION on Specs, Performance, & 4K)

Xbox One X (OPINION on Specs, Performance, & 4K)


Xbox One X (OPINION on Specs, Performance, & 4K)

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  1. More powerful than ps4pro? Considering you are very open about your preference you should search how much powerful it really is so the truth is that xbox one x gpu is a R9 390x with a 384bit instead of 512bit and 32 rops instead of 64 running with higher frequency from 1050 to 1172mhz. Funny but the regular R9 390x gpu bearly beats the RX 480 check the benchmarks that said the xbox one x gpu is consider to be as powerful as a gtx 1070 and benchmarks show the gtx wiping the floor with the R9 390x. Big youtuber should inform the truth about hardware capabilities not lies from either camp but not the lies from companies in the end the xbox one x on "paper" is more powerful.

  2. Am I the only one that hates Xbox cause all the glitches and games failing even when they are digital slow home screen wtf I never had this problem with PlayStation

  3. Shocking how much you do not understand the hardware. They have specifically stated that a patched game on a 1080p monitor will supersample and get any texture updates at 1080p all with higher FPS. I see this updates at the beginning of 4K and the finishing up of 1080p at 60FPS.

    Even un-patched games will get access to ALL the hardware on the X which is not true for the PS4 Pro. You wont get better graphics but everything will be faster (load times, FPS, less swapping to HD with more RAM etc) and hence an old game wont dip into dynamic resolution.

    Even in boost mode on the Pro you only get half the GPU if the game is not patched.

  4. I wouldn't worry about them making games for the original and not using the X's power because most developers even turn 10 that's a Microsoft studio said they make their games on PC first then downgrade and most multiplatform developers do the same they will just downgrade more for the s and the original

  5. wow I wish I could be as good as jhub literally spraying his heart out with his sick beaner internet
    Because lagging and spraying makes you a 10/10 player.

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