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Xbox 360 USB Configuration?


Whenever i try to configure my usb to work with my xbox it takes up almost all of the 4GB memory on the usb (leaving only 3-4mb) and when i open the usb’s folder the folder Xbox 360 is there as normal but when i click on that there is a bunch of weird folders with lots of weird file types and symbols? Any way to fix this?

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  1. That’s normal for when you transfer data to a new hard drive from an old one – unsure if that’s what you’re trying to do but this is what happened when I did it last year. The 360 will only transfer the data to a new 360 (or back to the old) and if I remember correctly the data from the original source will then be deleted. Like cut and pasting I suppose. Probably something to do with protecting the information from being duplicated or something annoying like that.

    If you just want your memory stick to work with the 360 format it to FAT32 on your PC and then you can put movies and music on it and play through 360. You can’t save game data or DLC to external devices as far as I am aware (but I could be wrong about that).

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