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Xbox 360 Ipod Help?


well, my xbox found my ipod and but it just says there is no music on it when its full of songs.

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  1. Go to “Media Center” on the Media tab of your Dashboard. It will give you instructions on what to do. It will require you to download Zune software, but after you’ll be able to plug-and-play your iPod and stream music from your computer.

  2. u cant coz ipod music files have a diferent format.

    u can open the ipod disk drive to. and u have to save ur mp3 files to it and play it.

  3. You need to download the multimedia software program of the dashboard, it allows you to support your ipod and mp4’s. sorry i cant be specific but its definetly there i had the same problem. Mine still doesnt work, but its worth a try

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