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Xbox 360 hard drive and dlc problem?


Ok here is my issue. my xbox broke down and i haven’t been able to use it. my brother bought an xbox but since i couldn’t remember my info for my account i just used his. on my account which is on my hard drive i had Monday night combat the best game ever known to man. I put my hard drive in my brothers xbox he has got a slim with internal drive thing. well any way when my hard drive was in i moved MNC over to his drive thinking that it would allow me to play freely on his account. it always seem like as long as the games were on the same hardrive all profiles on it could play it. is there a way i can play MNC on my bros account even though the game was bought on my old account i don’t use?

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  1. Your problem is that the downloads are not registered to your current system, thereby only allowing the registered profile to use the downloads. You can fix this using the once a year License Transfer tool though, found here: [url is not allowed]. However, you will have to use your old profile temporarily for it, and you will have to make sure that you are going to be staying with this system for the next year, otherwise your downloads won’t work on the next one.

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