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Xbox 360 – Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Remix of WeeklyTubeShow


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With the upcoming release of the Xbox One X, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets, and history of the Xbox 360. Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was made to compete with the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Through our analysis of the console’s development, it’s games and their gameplay and beta builds, we hope to show some of the more interesting facts from the making of the Xbox 360 and have its history explained.

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Research/Writing by Seumidh MacDonald
Video Editing by Luis Illingworth @HeyRaguio

Xbox 360 - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Remix of WeeklyTubeShow

The Xbox 360 and PS3: how does a 10 year old game console stack up in 2017?
Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJRy0S05eVQ
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Using the PS3 & Xbox 360 in 2017


  1. Why have people been advertising in watching them in a webcam?

    Who else is getting these messages?

    The day I'm writing this was when I was advertised three times.

  2. That Mass Effect theme immediately takes me back to 2007; what an experience the first time playing that game was. I wish I could do it all over again.

  3. Omg everytime I hear that Mass Effect music, it makes something happen to my stomach. Butterflies

  4. Why does the Xbone take so long to update (like days while eating up so much memory) compared to the 360?

  5. I still have one of those old arcade 360's and I played the heck out of that thing. never in 7 did I ever have a problem with it.
    poor thing… just sitting in a box now though.

  6. The first time my 360 got the red ring of death, MicroSHIT had the audacity to charge me $140 to send it in because the store I bought it from ran out of consoles to replace it with, because everyone was having the same issue. Mind you this was back in October of 2006. They fixed it free of charge when I threatened to switch to PS3, something I regretted not doing.

  7. i have jailbroken ps3 … i am king. u still can do a lot of things on ps3 like wifi sharing with laptops to watch movies, apps and much much more. BF4 multiplayer on ps3 for life.

  8. Although I still have the PS4 and Xbox One, I still play some old fun favorites on my Xbox 360. The good thing is that most of them are being updated to be played on the Xbox One. But then what happens when the Xbox X comes out? Kinda wish I didn't sell my PS3.

  9. The two older consoles are basically the same in my eyes, I went with PS3 because they didn't con you to pay for online

  10. The PS3 ran more games at 720p than Xbox 360 did. The PS3 also had a software scaler that was incompatible with many games vs the Xbox built in scaler, which meant the 360 pushed 1080p more even if it wasn't native.

  11. I got PS3 on my birthday 2012 and PS4 got released a year later…
    If i got it a year later i would've gotten ps4 🙁

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