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Xbox 360 4GB or 250GB?


I can’t decide which one to get. Will I regret buying the 4GB when i get it? Is there anyway to add more memory to the 4GB without buying a new hard drive? Do I really need 250GB?

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  1. Depends on your gaming.

    If you play a lot of games id go for the 250

    Plus you can rip music to the HDD

    If your not that big of a gamer go for the 4

    I’m getting the 320 one because I’m a huge gamer and wanna rip music.

    But personal id go for 250

  2. 4gb on a Xbox gets used up so fast I bought the 4gb and had to buy a hard drive (320gb) made by Xbox. It is worth getting the 250gb Xbox

  3. Depends on your budget and gaming purposes. If you think you’re going to be downloading videos and games demo. You better buy the 250gb version. But if you are just going to play kinect games then the other one is your choice.

  4. 4 GB is more memory than it sounds, but it’s still not a ton. It depends on what all you are going to use the Xbox for.if your going to play tons of different games, and have Xbox live gold and use all of that stuff, then 250GB is a great choice.

    If you are just going to use it basically for a few games and some of the Xbox live stuff, then 4 GB is the way to go for you.

    I don’t think there is a way to add more GB to a 4GB Xbox.

    I personally prefer the 250GB, but that is because i use my Xbox for more than just games.

    The choice is yours!

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