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what the Xbox gamers do when they found the same same games are cheaper on PC?


there’s sale going on on steam right now, boarderland for example was only $7 and it’s $30 on Xbox

i personally purchased the PC one for $7 and i used the controller with it

what other people do in this case, do you pay the $30 or $7?

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  1. i prefer console games so yes i will pay the 60 sometimes the 70 and ever so rarely the 150 for games. and its cheaper to replace a console then a computer. console gamer all the way. pc not so much

  2. Even brand new games are cheaper on PC. Which is good because PC owns and xbox sucks. Those who pay £50+ for an xbox game are being mugged, it will be worth £5 a couple of months down the line

  3. I think it’s worth getting the xbox because to have a good pc to play all the games you want you need a good system, which will probably run you from $2000-$3000. For a cheap machine for $300 and plays the games well, I think it is way worth losing value in games quickly. Plus all your friends are on consoles too 😛 and its a lot easier to use a controller than a keyboard and mouse at the same time 😛

  4. Some people don’t have good computers to play some games. I have a good computer. But instill like he console instead of a computer. I only play Games on the computer if there Like Mnorpgs or watever there called

  5. Couldnt careless. It would cost me at least £500 to make my pc run any modern game, and then £200 more in a few months when it needs ungrading again. The xbox cost £100. You do the maths.

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