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What are some non violent ps3 games?


My sister wants a game I can play together with her that is not a shooter/action. She sometimes enjoys sports games but what other games should I tell her to get?

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  1. Pretty much every game available today contains some degree of violence. But the best games I’d recommend that contains a low level of violence and are still fun to play would be the Ratchet and Clank Future series. Little Big Planet is also fun, but it emphasizes the creation of a level by the player rather than just playing through the game. So far those are the best ones I’d recommend. Hope it helps.

  2. I think its nice you want to play games with her, try some of these:

    little Big Planet

    Modnation Racers

    Lego games, like lego batman maybe?

    katamari forever

    Check out the psn and see what you can find

  3. She could try out Little Big Planet

    or the lego games like Lego Batman , Lego Harry potter etc

    (but I’d suggest getting a wii which has way more games for here, Super Mario Galaxy for example)

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