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What are some good PS3 games?


I’m planning to get a PS3 in the summer, but I only have one reason to get it. TWISTED METAL!(a childhood favorite)

To make the PS3 more worthwhile, what are some great PS3 games? I prefer single player over multiplayer.

BTW, I also plan to get Batman Arkham city and Mortal Kombat. Don’t tell me to get Call of Duty because the online multiplayer is just boring and I only liked World at War and Modern Warfare.

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  1. I beat the portal 2 single player in about 10 hours. Even though it was fairly short, it was VERY good. Other great single player games include both dragon ages, infamous (sequel coming out this summer), elder scrolls 4 oblivion (sequel coming out this fall), God of war 3, GTA 4, ratchet and clank, heavy rain, red dead redemption, fallout 3, little big planet (even if you don’t play online, the story is good and you can download new levels extending play time).

    Also, Valkyria Chronicles, which in my opinion is the best game of this generation, and the second best game of all time.

    There are also a TON of single player games available online for download. (assuming sony fixes psn by the summer.)

  2. Heave Rain.


    Demons Souls.

    God of war.


    Also there are upcoming good ones like Dead Island , The last Guardian and I am Alive.

  3. so far the games everyone has mentioned are very good. PS3 is an amazing console. Not to forget you also have new games like Mortal Kombat which is epic and Portal 2

  4. Mercenary 2; Killzone3 ; Sims 3;

    Boarderlands (fond of it after playing on xbox360);

    Check this for an alphabetized listing

    [url is not allowed]

    Have to say, familiar with all systems but very fond of xbox360 as opposed to others.

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