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Valkyria Revolution | Azure Revolution Review [Full 1080p HD]


This is my Review for the #PS4 Game, #Valkyria: Azure #Revolution (Known as AOKI KAKUMEI NO VALKYRIA in Japan.)! Don’t forget to thumbs up, comment and subscribe.

Written Review: http://wp.me/p6cLeO-dF

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About the Game:
Sega has revealed a #Valkyria #AzureRevolution localization. In the second quarter of 2017, the action game inspired by the strategic series will come to North America and Europe as #ValkyriaRevolution. #Sega will handle the North American release, while Deep Silver will bring it to Europe. The title change was made to offer a similar cadence as Valkyria Chronicles and help differentiate it from the series it’s spun off from.

In addition, an extra platform has been added in the transition. Valkyria Revolution will come to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One. It will be available physically and digitally on consoles, but will be a PlayStation Store exclusive for PlayStation Vitas.

Valkyria Revolution is set in a different world and time place and plays more like a Dynasty Warriors game. The Circle of Five are lifelong friends who, due to their quest for revenge, cause an entire continent to go to war. While it is very active and relies on combos, there are some tactical elements. People can customize their skills and weapons as they acquire Ragnite. Also, a Valkyrur, named Brunhilde, will appear as part of the enemy forces. Yasunori Mitsuda, Chrono Trigger and Stella Glow’s composer, is behind the soundtrack.
Valkyria: Azure Revolution will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on January 19, 2017.

Valkyria Revolution | Azure Revolution Review [Full 1080p HD]


  1. Great review! Hopefully this game sells well over here! And hopefully the version that comes out here does not get any framerate problems!

  2. Beaten the game and sure it does have flaws but I don't mind those for a good enough story. A couple of things could be added to not make this game completely hack and slash like upgrading Jutland's military power so that it stands a higher chance of winning battles against the Ruzi Empire plus moral choices so that you (as Amleth) can decide the best (or worst) case of action.

  3. If I should ever be stupid enough to buy this game,
    then it'd ONLY be for general big ol' oppai… <.<

  4. I don't understand the hate for this game , is has elements of dynasty warriors and tales which are both great franchises , this game just needs a PC port

  5. Dude, I like you and I enjoy watching all of your reviews, but your pronunciations of the game titles really bother me. I mean how can somebody not know the pronunciation of Valkyria or Atelier? I sincerely don't want to bother you now, but just learn words you don't know before making a review.

  6. I'm going to be a dick and say I wince every time you say "Valkyria." I have never heard it pronounced the way you say it: VAL-kree-uh. Everyone I know (including myself) says val_KEER-ee-yuh.

    Aside from that, I have to say that the look of the game doesn't appeal to me. I absolutely loved the first game in almost every way. This, to me, doesn't even look like it should be a part of the series. On it's own, the game looks ok, but it's not Valkyria in my mind. I would have preferred having an actual continuation of the original setting.

  7. My idea for a "perfect" Valkyria game imo:

    – Have it set in a war that's similar to the Vietnam War, filled with jungle warfare, napalm, helicopters, and a very gray sense of morality as well as assault rifles and guerrilla warfare. I think the overall premise should be similar to the actual Vietnam war, with the protagonists representing the Americans during the war.

    – Combine Full Metal Jacket with Apocalypse Now for the barebones plot, with your character starting out from being a naive and innocent recruit to a battle-hardened soldier who would lead his squad. You'd go from being a recruit in boot camp to a private all the way to being a squad leader at the end of the game, similar to Pvt. Joker's development in FMJ. As for the Apocalypse Now parallel, have it focus on the duality of man as well as showing the true horrors of war, giving it a truly dark, gritty, yet surreal tone unlike the other games in the series. Unlike the other games in which you are quickly promoted to leader of the squad in order to serve the plot, your character develops and ages throughout the war, and earns the right to be SL.

    – I'd also like to see more "role-playing elements" such as dialogue trees, character relationships, similar to Mass Effect. These dialogue trees would also be able to talk you out of firefights and even get enemies to surrender and win battles for you.

    – There should also be a moral system similar to inFAMOUS, as well as potentially a "mental health" system in which you and your teammates could suffer from stress during battle, which could also result in PTSD if you don't interact accordingly. Characters also develop depending on your choices, as well as the outcomes of battle. If mental health is too low, a character could lose morale and eventually go insane and get more bloodthirsty and violent. Some could even betray you and join the enemy.

    – Make it more mature and hardcore to show how chaotic and depraved war can be. Add blood and gore, such as dismembering limbs, uniforms being bloodied up, as well as blood staining the soil. I'd also like to see soldiers of both sides commit atrocious acts such as killing civilians (whether it's intentional or part of collateral damage), possible rape, and the use of chemical weapons. However, use those sparingly in order to fit with the story, and not just do it for the sake of being edgy. To go along with the anti-war message, have characters be able to bleed out if you're unable to save them, in which they cry for their mothers and families while choking on their blood, similar to when characters die in Red Orchestra 2. The game should essentially be a "PTSD Simulator".

    – Similar to Valkyria Revolution, but slower-paced and involving more realistic firearms. If anything, I'd make it more like the ArMA games, but toned down. Players should spend time planning his/her strategies before running to battle, as well as the combat revolving around positioning and communication with your squadmates.

    – The battlefields should be open world, similar to ArMA. It should take a journey to get to the battle unlike the previous games where you're dropped right to them. These journeys allow character interaction and development, as well as planning strategy.

    – Make the combat more realistic by making the weapons extra lethal which further enforces tactical play. In order to balance the added damage, I'd also like to see the weapons have hard to maintain recoil. There should also be a "suppression" system that would happen when the enemy's shots are too close to you, which results in your aim being more frigidity and your teammates being less responsive with your orders due to the stress.

    – Combine both stealth with action, as well as the ability to lead your squad (Similar to the Brothers In Arms series) when your character gets promoted.

    – Add environmental destruction, such as buildings being destroyed and cover being shredded.

    – Have classes much like the previous games, with the Medic being added as a class rather than one just running into the battlefield when a teammate is down.

    – Similar to SWAT 4, you should be able to both arrest enemies or kill them depending on how the situation escalates. This also goes in line with the proposed moral system.

    – The game should also be open world even when not doing missions. The HQ should be fully intractable similar to MGSV's Mother Base combined with the Normandy in the Mass Effect series. You should be able to train as well as interact with fellow soldiers. Boot Camp should also be open world during the first chapter of the game.

    – Your class rank should be able to change depending on how you did at Bootcamp. For example, if you succeed in the rifle range the most, you become a sniper. If you succeed in running the obstacle course, you get to be assault.

    – Multiple ways to traverse the jungle, such as swimming, driving cars, tanks, and boats, helicopters, running, and crawling.

    – Melee combat

  8. Might be a good game to buy just so you can sell it to people who complain about it now at an Inflated price later

  9. Do you ever unlock Brunhild as a playable character? She's the only character I'm interested in.

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