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Valiant Hearts: The Great War Game Review


Valiant Hearts: The Great War Game Review


  1. I really wish video game makers would make more games taking place in World War I.  That's a totally neglected conflict.  My favorite flight simulator of all time is "Wings of Glory", but that was back in 1995, and nothing has come close to that level of quality since then.

  2. Surprised your actually reviewing real games now instead of just Virtual room simulators and bus stop simulators.

  3. I remember watching the e3 trailer for the game.. Cried like a little girl. Good times.

    Will have to look for a good deal on steam.

  4. Just finished this game lastnight! Awesome game and a lot of action to go with it. The one puzzle that got me was the part where you have to get a feather and ink to write a letter haha shit was frustrating.

  5. Waiting for vid to load.. If there is any of Therese piercing annoying af laughter I will have to go *Crosses fingers

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