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Should I sell my Xbox 360 for a ps3?


So three of my friends have/is getting a ps3 and will play psn. I am gonna sell my original xbox,but I will still have to get alot of money. I don’t have Xbox live because it is too expensive. So what do you think? Should I sell my 360 for a Ps3 Slim?

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  1. Since you do not play online on Xbox because it costs you, I would prefer that you should have a Ps3 by any legal means. You can sell your Xbox and do some other stuff which can earn you something.

    The other option is of buying a used one. Which should be slim because of the low heating factor. Here is a good review from my bookmark which would help you making the decision easier:

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    Here you can find the bestselling model of PS3 sold at a cheap price (check other bundles as well):

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  2. The Playstation 3 is perfect. This will be my second one because I need one for the bedroom. I have a phat ps3 and now a new slim. The slim is much smaller and stealthy quiet. So far I like it more and it stays cleaner looking than the phat but i do miss the touch sensitive buttons. I’ve owned a ps3 for 4 years with no problems and i love it. great blu ray, best games, surround sound, full hd, and the free psn. Nothing compairs

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