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Should i buy a ps3 now?


Should i buy a ps3 now or wait for the ps4.The rumor is that the ps4 will be released in 2013.I can wait till then but the rumors say that it will only support ultra hd 4K TV’s.Im planning on buying a new TV for the ps3 but now that iv read these rumors im thinking on waiting for the ps4.Please tell me what to do!

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  1. Yes u should!! 😀 Ps4 rumours n r wrong.der is no newz abt the ps4 till now in Playstation!:D

  2. It’s better to buy the PS3 now because the PS4 isn’t official yet so why wait and waste your time? and anyway the PS3 just got cheaper lately

  3. a tun of rumors on the net, just get the PS3 n get all the cheap games u bn missing out on (unless u only want new stuff), only rumor that looks true so far for both the next PS & Xbox is no backwards compatibility cos of all the BS all the companies bn doing recently to stop ppl buying preowned games ETC.

    no1 would ever make a console that does not work on tube TVs all the way up to the latest, theres no way any1 would b that stupid.if u wanna w8 then w8 until E3 (in June) n c, if nothing is announced (i think nothing will b ann.) then get the PS3.

  4. You already gave the answer. U said it”The rumor is that the ps4 will be released in 2013″.

    Sooo why to wait? Go grab one!

  5. The Shadow is completely right. But is this a trick question? Don’t you mean: What games SHOULD I BUY for my PS3? Lol. Go get one. NOW!

    Hope that helps.

  6. you always see rumors , there have been ps4 rumors since 1008 saying next year it’s coming and all are just rumors – if you see Sony say it and post that ps4 is coning then it’s true , until then it’s a lie

    Sony says over and over no ps4 before 2016 , they have not announced anything and have already said they won’t announce it this year , it takes 2-3 years after an official announcement before the console releases and even if they announced it this fall at tokyo game show the ps4 would not release before 2015.

    buy the ps3 , they will support iot for at leat the next 5-10 years , even after ps4 releases the ps3 will still be supported.

    watch the site playstaion.com , when you see ps4 announced by Sony themselves ( not some website that speculates ) and a date for relase then it’s true , not before

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