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Ps4 question. And Also a bf4 question?


If one person has ps plus on the ps4, does that mean every other user on the system can enjoy it or does everyone have to buy it?

Also, if you already have bf premium for bf3 do you have to buy it again for bf4?

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  1. You only need one PS+ subscription for a single PS4; one subscription covers all accounts on that machine.

    For BF3 premium/BF4, yes, you’ll have to buy it for BF4. BF4 is a completely different game, and will include new content and new DLC’s. Most previous Battlefield titles have always done it that way, whether they call it premium or not.

    The only BF4 perk you get with BF3 premium is BF4 Beta access, which should be sometime in October.

  2. Uh if its for plus only then no if its all free then yes, and never by a premium or pass for a game more than once.

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