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PS4 Hustle Kings Review #wmb


PS4 Hustle Kings Review #wmb

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  1. i really like this game it feels like a real pool game and the computer doesn't seem repetitive or too challenging. I have the psvita version.

  2. This game is HORRIBLE imo shockingly bad, if this is peoples 1st pool game WOW i feel sorry for you, Come on SONY free or not surely you can give us a half decent pool game, Like pool nation on steam,,,, GREAT GAME,,,,, but this haaaaa what a total insult, whos idea was it to put this trash on PSN ??? 1/10 What a total waste.

  3. Played it 1st time and im not sure if i like it , its just those lines that show you exactly where to take your shot so even any dumbass can feel like a pro i guess ._. But for me its more fun using my own skills in pool games .

  4. Do you get much play out of it for free or does it eventually try and get you to buy DLC for it?

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