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PS4 1215A (1200) Disc Drive Replacement


PS4 1215A (1200) Disc Drive Replacement


  1. hi i have a ps4 with a broken laser on the disc drive. My model is an (1215b) what kind of a disc drive should i buy. for the replacement

  2. can I take off the hard drive cable without plyers without snapping it? don't have plyers right now

  3. broke the white plastic power supply connector off the motherboard taking the power supply off. how do i fix??

  4. could you make a video taking apart and cleaning the disk drive for this particular playstation ? or do you already have one?

  5. Thxs man. My 1215A just shut off on me during game play. I assumed it was cuz it overheated. I didn't know how to open it up till I watched ur vid. Sure enough it was dirty as f***. Cleaned it out a bit. Now runs like a champ. Thxs.

  6. Hey how do you put the connector back on the mother board? I accidentally pulled it before you said not to.

  7. My PS4 wouldn't turn on so I took it apart, everything was except I was missing the ribbon cable which you disconnected at 6:38 in the video. I have no idea how that cable went missing and is there anywhere I can get a replacement?

  8. Hi , i'm from India i need disc drive where can i buy it, delivery of that new replacement is the only issue mostly , it will take so
    many days to get delivered in other sites , can i find something cheaper and faster delivery .

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