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PS3 download question!?


As part of the “welcome back” program Sony are giving us two free games among other things. So first I chose to downloading Infamous, i’m currently only at 22% after about an hour!

My question is, what’s the longest time its taken you to download a full game from the PSN store?

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  1. It took 2 hours for the longest time

    but I actually have a good set up and good internet connections

  2. it took about 8 hours for infamous to download for me but the ps servers were under severe pressure

    kept giving me error messages in the ps store every time i clicked anything but infamous is a 7 GB download so just under 1 GB every hour from a very busy server isnt too bad at all

    Anyway you can pause downloads and turn off the console and set the ps3 to turn off once its finished downloading so you dont have to wait around for the download to finish

  3. I got to %8 in like 20 minutes. So I decided to do it day by day, while I workout. In a hour yesterday, it went up to %45. Then today I worked out for about 90 minutes. It was done. I wanna play it and be zoned in. But I’m tired of working out lol. Probably just save it for the weekend.

  4. It probably took me about ninety minutes or so to download inFamous. This was late last Saturday night. I’m guessing their servers have just been getting hammered as everyone logs on to download their games.

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