NEW PLAYSTATION 5 RUMORS! - Several Market Analysts Predict Brand New Playstation Console In 2018!


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  2. I'm gonna get the Switch but I'm waiting until Super Mario Oddysey comes out Zelda isn't enough to make me Buy it, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe isn't enough, Binding of Isaac Afterbirth isn't enough or also Sonic Mania I just want a Game Console where I already have 5 Games and no Random Bullshit like 1, 2, Switch

  3. @Boogie2988 I've staked out my plan for PS5
    Date: 9/1/2019
    Bluray Drive, hopefully 4K Bluray Drive
    16GB RAM
    4 core Zen block with SMT for 8 threads to handle PS4 Jaguar chip compatibility mode. Much higher IPC cores.
    3-4 GCN GPU blocks, providing 60-80 GPU cores with 1 or 2 disabled on each block for yield…
    Providing 54-57 or 74-78 active GPU cores:
    True 4K rendering and effects level graphics with enough RAM to support it.
    Not much else to say about it. 2TB hdd ? SSD hdd?

  4. PlayStation leading this console generation? They lead every console generation. my launch Ps4 never scratched a disc. I still have it and all my discs are fine. And the pro is just as good.

  5. How can you defend Nintendo when they won't replace a switch with bad pixels!!!!!! Cmon!!!! People!!!!!

  6. PS4 was designed right from the beginning. The Xbox x or Xbox s was what consumers should of got. I was going to get a PS4 pro but I was quite satisfied with my original PS4 and the way the games looked so I will not be upgrading until ps5 which will hopefully be released in 2020

  7. The One S is only 3 months older than the Pro WTF is all of this bs about Sony doing it to soon. I dont get how MS can do what they want and get away with it.

  8. a possible next gen of playstation and they still have not put the thumb sticks on the right sides

  9. when a manufacturer tells you things in estimated FLOPS under a certain circumstance, they are shying away from telling you how outdated the machine already is by not telling you the real specs.

    there are some GPUs that while sometimes showing more FLOPS actually perform worse real world by a significant margin. but honestly, what can you expect from consoles, pre-manufactured gaming PCs are very expensive costing nearly twice the price. I paid maybe $1700 to build mine, and you wouldn't get a comparable one for less than $2000 in a store easily

  10. To all people saying the PS5 is a next-gen system: Don't you think it's just a hardware refresh for the PS4 like Project Scorpio is for the Xbox One?

  11. Very short life cycle? It would be 5 years between consoles, previous life cycles were 6 years. Do your research before you make outrageous statements like that.

  12. I hope ps5 isnt gonna release in 2018 because i gonna buy a ps4 in october. i dont wanna be using last gen console again

  13. I find it funny that as critical as Nintendo is, the ad before this video started was for Nintendo Switch.

  14. I'm personally not a Playstation player, but I am open to it, and it does makes sense they'd be releasing another console, cause didn't Wii U come out shortly before Xbox One and PS4? It might be the same deal this time around since the Switch came out pretty recently.

  15. It won't happen… only in your wild dreams .. you will Not see PS5 in 2018 , you might see PSP Vita 2 in 2018 .

  16. The switch, spec wise, has nothing on the ps4 or the xbox one. It would be silly to drop a next gen console that early. All xbox would have to do is look at the specs of the ps5 and easily beat the hardware in the next year.

  17. I certainly hope it doesn't come out next year or 2019 wait till 2020 and let this generation last at least 7 years

  18. He's clearly bias considering that he's playing on a Playstation throughout the video and he can
    kept on saying "Xbox two or whatever" kind of saying it like a joke. Don't be a DICK Arcer!

  19. If the PS5 were to come out in 2018 that would mean that there's the slight possibility of The Last of Us Part II being brought to PS5 instead of PS4. To show off what the next gen PlayStation console can do with an excellent game

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