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new playstations3 80gb core?


i know that there’s a new ps3 version coming out

the ps3 80gb core

its basically the 40gb but upgraded to the 80gb

and that it’ll still cost 399.99

what i wanna know is that if it will get the same features

as the 80gb now

like the 4 usb ports etc.

and when is it coming out?

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  1. bull goose loony is right but the 80gb ps3 can also play ps2 games but the 40gb cant ,the cheapest i saw on ebay was $10(i know you wont believe even i didnt believe it but its true and its new) and the second most cheapest was $140(new)ms4 bundle you should buy it!! the 40gb is for $110 i saw it on ebay that’s the cheapest and the 60gb i saw the cheapest was$130

    ebay gives great offers!!

    dont believe me check it on ebay!

  2. That’s Right! The new “core” 80gb package is going to have the same features as the current 40gb package. “Limited” backwards compatibility is what Sony officially released. I don’t know why everyone keeps saying there will be no backwards compatibility. It’s coming out in September.

  3. You answered your question yourself. đŸ™‚ It’s just a 40GB model with a larger HDD. That means it’ll have 2 USBs, no card reader, no chrome trim.

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