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Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 – SEED WITH EVERYTHING


Minecraft Xbox 360 / PS3 - SEED WITH EVERYTHING


  1. Xbox360 seed: -4634941401853806606. Large biomes setting, balanced biomes box checked.

    THREE mansions, two witch huts, and a village in the bottom left. Mostly swamps and and roofed forests, one tiny bit of taiga in the bottom right corner of the map. Tiny bit of desert in the top left. Some plains. I dub it the "WORLD OF WITCHERY", because of the witch huts and Illagers. Or not. Do what you will.

  2. In my world it has 1 woodland mansion that I know of and 8 guardian temples that I know of 1 of each biome temple that I know of a fossil (PS4) and a cool spawn by the beach.

  3. In XBØX360 I got the same world without a woodland mansion there is no parrots and and I done the tu57 what's happening

  4. Toycat!! If you load the world on small, there is a floating basement igloo!! Like so toycat can see

  5. do this seed for seed Sunday: 1964716367637137335 small world size and biome scale balanced seed amplified turned off

  6. This is a great seed where you spawn on one woodland mansion and next to 2 Large biome scale 5055008201664809500

  7. I recently found a PS3 seed with 3 Woodland mansions + 3 ocean monuments in it. Also some other pretty crazy structures have generated to that seed… 😀

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