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Is there a way I can backup my xbox 360 games & not need a modded console or get banned form Xbox live?


I’d like to just make an exact copy of my owned Xbox 360 games and play the disks without needing to mod my console or have any fears of getting banned from Xbox Live.

I’ve done some research and know that disks made with kreon flashed dvd drives won’t work without getting you banned.

I do have a broken Xbox 360 that I can take the dvd drive out of.

What I really need is a GOOD, UP TO DATE guide to make backups.

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  1. Do you really have problems with your games?

    Just rip the game onto your hard drive. You still need the disc, but is used less.

    Problem solved!

  2. first of all u gotta mod ur 360 in order to play a backup game. secondly u can play backup game as long as u own da original cos i go online wid backup games no problem watsoeva.

  3. I am afraid that, despite what some online adverts claim, you need a flashed 360 to play burnt games.

    But the good news is that as long as you use games which have been stealth patched and never play games before the release date you are fairly safe from banning. I have been using backups online for ages and haven’t,so far, been banned.

    A banned console still works fine, other than playing online or using the HDD from a banned machine to claim achievements on an unbanned console.

    You have to consider how important online play or achievement points are to you when considering modding your machine, and taking the tiny, tiny risk.

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