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is it possible to play pirated games in xbox 360 without modding and flashing?


i am planning to buy xbox 360 from usa and shipped to india. basically i wanted to play xbox 360 in india. i am thinking if i download games from torrentz.i mean region free games.will i able to play it on my xbox 360.and what should i have to do burnt dvd or i can install it into hdd because hdd is 250 gb. and i know about modding chip and flashing hard drive not totally but i have seen lot of threads about his.and i have nothing to do with online gaming.i mean i will not connect xbox to internet for single minute. i think if i did this i will never get banned.i mean my console will never get banned. is that correct? what should i have to do download games from torrentz and buy dual layer dvd and burnt t from software and then play or.just download the game and copy to pendrive and then install into hdd and play. plzzz help and tell me evrthing in detail coz i am very much new to this xbox thing. playing pirated pc games is easy but xbox is difficult

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  1. No Sir, there is no way to do that unless you mod because the 360 wasn’t made to play pirated games so the system won’t play it.

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