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good PS3 games?!?!!?!?!?!?


ok i allready have COD4 COD5 Resistance 2 GTA4 Saints Row 2. wats a good ps3 game thats NOT a first person shooter.i think lil big planet is stuiped. wats a fun game thats fun offline and online? i dont want assassins creed

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  1. The funnest online games in my opinion is COD4 AND COD5 which you say you already have. Nothing compares to those two besides Resistance games.

    Brothers in arms is great offline game but online isnt that great. Depending on if you like music Rockband is a cool game to have.


  2. I love Burnout Paradise, personally. It is a great racing game and Playstation: The Official Magazine awarded it the Racing Game of 2008 over GRiD and Dirt and Pacific Rift and GT: Prologue. It is a great open-world racing game, where you enter events (Races, Marked Man, Road Rage, and Stunt Run) by pressing R2 and L2 at any intersection. There are about 90 total cars and 4 Motorcycles to choose from, which are unlocked by raising your license (which is done by winning a certain number of events, depending on your current license level). Criterion Games has become famous for releasing free Downloadable Content for Burnout Paradise incl. the motorcycles and a soon to come completely new island to play on. Also, it is now only 29.99 as opposed to the 59.99 I bought it for, and if it was worth the full 59.99, it is much more than worth 29.99.

  3. I will give you 5 games, and you can do a little research on it.

    -WarHawk (i prefer getting the demo and playing online because there is no point in the acual game)

    -NBA 2K9 (it is a very fun basketball game and you get prizes such as money. there are tournaments sometimes.)

    -Mirrors Edge (great action/adventure game, it has a very high rating but i recomend waiting for it to become greatest hits.)

    -Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (it lags a lot if you don’t have 100% wireless router connection. but it is very fun to play)

    -Lord of the Ring Conquest (it isn’t as great as your first person shooter games but there are fun things to do)

  4. You could look for a few that fly under the radar like Valkyria Chronicles, BioShock, Endwar, maybe Eternal Sonata, Burnout Paradise, Civilization, etc. Search on Amazon.com

  5. Deffinently UNCHARTED i think this warhawk, socom confrontation, and battlefield bad company(but its first person) are the best available at the moment

  6. Civilization Revolution

    GT5 Prologue Spec III

    UNCHARTED:Drake’s Fortune

    NeedForSpeed: Undercover


  7. Try grid, its a great racing game, really fun :]

    If you dont like racing than get Lair its a game about dragon raiding. And you control your dragon by moving your controller.pretty awesome.

    Also if you just want a fun figthing game like Street Fighter or Tekken etc. a good one to get is Naruto its fun for beginners to take advantage and still have alot of fun and good for the advanced people to learn how to avoid and dodge this etc.

    None are first person shooters :]

    Unchrated is also good but i would consider half FPS (first person shooter) and half like.treasure hunter, but its REALLY fun. Hope this helps.

    Other than Bio Shock there is not a great RPG for PS3 yet besides Lord of the Rings Conqeust which is alot like Star Wars Battlefront which i really dont find an RPG at all. But Final Fantasy 13 should be out soon

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