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Friday The 13th: The Game PS4 Gameplay


Friday The 13th: The Game PS4 Gameplay


  1. Gunmedia and Illfonic should really FIX this game. Sometimes you can't aim your gun, if you shoot Jason or hit him with bat he doesn't get stunned, windows and doors glitch out and you can't open them, believe me even my pocket knife glitched out and I couldn't save myself. Despite all this issues, I really love this game and I hope they fix this game a.s.a.p.

  2. Hey we created a PS4 Friday The 13th group and we're searching for cool people that are willing to work as a team or just simply love playing the game, If you give this group a chance we would appreciate it


    We do polls, prize events, etc, we definitely like to hear about what other people have to say about the game

  3. At first I thought this game was gonna be like until dawn quality.. but then I continue watching.. nah..pass..

  4. Whoever has Friday The 13th Downloaded on their PS4 HMU for a trade offer, I have BO3 Season Pass, Modern Warfare Remastered, NBA 2K16, And Far Cry 4!!!!!! Hmu asap!!!!!!!

  5. Was Stevie Wonder driving that car, hehe… why didn't she try to run Jason over!

  6. The way to kill Jason is to just bombard him all at once with weapons. Hes no superman. He would die for sure. No doubt.

  7. Basically i think Jason could be kill if someone knock out his mask then all the players start hitting them With random objects

  8. Easy. Obviously, get contact with other survivor. Then decide which one will be the bait. The rest either get a gun and hide or get traps and place it around the bait player. The bait will have to learn the placement of course. Then the rest is left to just going crazy at Jason.

  9. I would call Tommy jarvis. Get the his moms sweater from Jasons little house /Shed. And after I use the sweater he will kneel down and Tommy will stab him in the head and Jason will be dead for real.

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