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DualShock 4: Hands-On with the PS4 Controller


DualShock 4: Hands-On with the PS4 Controller


  1. The ps4 controller analog sticks are awful I had my for about 4 months and the rubber has already completely peeled off on both sticks and now I'm left with this horrible slippy surface. Also what he says about it being more comfortable and less likely to slip off is a load of bullshit even when the rubber is still attached my thumb kept slipping off!

  2. Yep, I agree with most of what he says. If your a PlayStation fan you can tell the difference on the grips. What I like most about Ps4 controller is the Option, Share, Light bar, new speaker on controller and probably the pad. Light bar color changing is kinda annoying though.

  3. The worst dual shock ever or mine came deffective. Discharges quickly and I set the light the lowest. Now I don't even know if it ever gets fully charged because when I connect it a yellow light atarts flashing quickly, it turned on slow before tho. Thanks Sony for even giving out a legend of the controller lights in the console manual.

  4. …My trouble with it is that, the Start button (or menu button) is way to close to the Square button, it's totally annoying that it's so easy to hit the pause button while trying to hit the square key.

    (like when trying to those "Test your might" scenes in Mortal Kombat 10

  5. These controllers gargle huge loads, seriously put in a damn battery pack… I'd rather spend $1000 on batteries than have to deal with that lousy charging cord… Plus if it falls once, your cord is Fk'd. Add that problem to PS4's rest mode not shutting off even when nothing is downloading or connecting. So yeah, pretty lame but what'd you expect. Cool console to play at your Bud's house, but if you don't have one yet, just stay on the previous Gen. Just gaming straight-up though….

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