Home Playstation Games Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus (Vita / PSTV) Review

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus (Vita / PSTV) Review


Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Venus (Vita / PSTV) Review

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  1. There was a popularity poll in Japan and the top 9 girls would get to go to the island. This is why Lisa, Rachel, Tina etc never made it in.

  2. I actually can't wait for this to arrive in my mail. I am a fan of the fighting series and this seems to be an amazing game when u want to relax. I'm gay tho so I'm honestly not buying it for teh boobs

  3. So the franchise of the game never have all the girls released on the game. Only 9 girls were chosen for every game?

  4. So did the US PSN shop work for this despite being an Asian tittle, or do you need an offshore PSN account like other import tittles?

  5. Why disable comments on the Criminal Girls 2 video? R2G, I have to say that it's getting clear that you are changing. Your reviews are getting more and more nitpicky and subjective. I mean you used the word "gangbang" to describe God Eater, those types of adjective are what IGN would use. You're usually more mature than that. And this video? There's nothing wrong with sexy content, yet you seem like you're looking down on it (same can be said about your Criminal Girls 2 video). I thought you said on your website that reviews need to be made from a objective, third-party stance. I realize I can't dictate how you review things. If this is how you want things from now on, then go on ahead. It's just lame for me personally, because you're the only reviewer I actually watch (I avoid literally everybody else, have been for years).

    I might watch a few more of your future uploads, but this direction your channel has taken is a bit off-putting. Regardless, thank you for introducing me to lots of great experiences on the Vita.

  6. feminists threatening video game developers? why? whats the point when this game is optional. you dont have to buy it. i hate it when loud speaking groups like that ruin things for the rest of us. even fire emblem had to get censored because of these types of people.

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