Home Playstation Forum anyone know any PS3 EYECAMERA GAMES?

anyone know any PS3 EYECAMERA GAMES?


Hi I have recently bought my boyfriend a PS3 eye camera for christmas and eye-pet (eye-pet is not to his taste! however it worked out cheaper than buying the camera alone!)

My intention was then to buy some games compatible with the camera, some fun ones for us to play over christmas, however I cant seem to find any other than the eye of judgement! are there anymore out there? and also has anyone got eye of judgement? is that worth buying? any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance x

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  1. The eye of judgement, it is a card based game where you put your cards on this map and the eye toy is positioned above it and the characters on the card are displayed on the screen. I would recommend eye of judgement defiantly, but I traded mine in to buy Killzone 2 🙂

  2. eye toy if its a 60gig EyeToy is a ps2 game and only 60gigs play ps2 game so try finding that out then give me a mail

  3. EyePet

    EyeCreate (FREE)

    and try ps2 game 😉

    some games in coming , and you can use PsEye in gran turismo

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