Home Xbox Games Ace Combat and Over G Fighters comparison video.

Ace Combat and Over G Fighters comparison video.


Ace Combat and Over G Fighters comparison video.


  1. The way I see it, AC is for casuals. And Over G is for more experienced gamers.

  2. Over G fighters isn't realistic enough to be a proper simulator. It's a combat ARCADE simulator. Ace combat is the same.

  3. 6:26 The missiles that always hit me are the semiactive guided ones. Those you absolutely can't do JACK SHIT about unless you hit them first. Always be careful to outrange those. On that note, I did survive a AIM-9 hit on my F-16, and like the awesome pilot I would have been in RL, landed the plane safely on base lol.

  4. For the record, neither of these games are anywhere even close to being flight sims.

    Which is fine. AC6 is the sort of arcade-style flight sim that ought to be on a console, and I like it a lot. I haven't played OGF, but it is NOT a close study sim by any means. At best they're both very loose survey sims.

  5. So, what you're saying is that OGF is more like a simulator whereas AC6 is more of a just a really great Airplane Combat game with better graphics.

  6. look, I'm not comparing over G to ace combat. ace combat is not realistic, I get that. You would have to be a six year old to believe that ace combat is realistic. What I'm saying is over G dose not feel as realistic as a real flight simulator, for example flight simulator 2004 or flight simulator X.

  7. yes I am and its not because I want to have the final say, but because to me you are just simply trolling, I will leave this comment here and then proceed to block you, as you clearly want to talk about the games in another context this video was not meant to be discussed and are actually spamming the video. have a good day,I didn't want to do this but I got fed up, if you want to talk about how Over G is so bad compared to PC flight sims then go ahead and make a video about it to discuss it

  8. Yes that is what this video is showing, if you like a bit more realistic gameplay having to care about which targets to shoot instead of spamming misiles all over the place, having to land to replenish ammo, having to level up your pilot so that he can take more G's pulling off maneuvers then yes Over G is a better experience than Ace Combat, if you want a simple game with tons of flashiness then Ace Combat is perfect. I personally prefer After Burner.

  9. Yes it does, a person that can play Ace Combat 6 on his Xbox 360 can also play Over G Fighters, however this same person perhaps does not have a powerful PC to run LoMAC or the other flight sims, anyway, Im going to erase your comments as you are apparently just trolling.

  10. I think you also have to take into account that a lot of people really like the stories of the ace combat series.

    Exept for Assault Horizon, which was horrible. All the ace combat series have always had really emotional stories with developed characters. This really makes you want to fight for them, instead of just completing a bunch of random missions.

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