Home Playstation Games 7 Ultra Rare PS4 Trophies We’ll Never Unlock – Part 2

7 Ultra Rare PS4 Trophies We’ll Never Unlock – Part 2


7 Ultra Rare PS4 Trophies We'll Never Unlock - Part 2


  1. What should I do to unlock Akumu mode? I finished the game on survival difficulty and yet nothing happened .Should I finish it on Nightmare difficulty or what ? Please anybody tell me. Thanks

  2. no one has probably heard of this game but mount and blade I found had a very hard a platinum rate of 0.1% I managed to get it took me about 5-6 Months you have to complete the game five times and each game can take you a month or so to complete and that's playing straight

  3. Just finished personal decorator and the platinum for BO3 tonight! 4th platinum and the hardest one I've done so far.

  4. My Platinum trophies include Final Fantasy 15, Jazzpunk (very easy to aquire), Dead Space (just play on the hardest difficulty using only the plasma cutter, only weapon needed and you won't run out of ammo, just sell all other weapons) and Horizon Zero Dawn. Could be another 1 or 2 I forgot.

  5. Maybe something's wrong with my sense of humour, but I've watched this video at least five times and Dave's fingernail always makes me laugh.

  6. Mad Max complete every non repeating challenges was the bain of my existence. I did do it. But with a famous glitch that wanerbrothers refuses to fix it.

  7. I'll probably never unlock the 5 hour speedrun trophy from The Evil Within. The only time I tried doing it, I missed it by 2 1/2 minutes.

  8. How do you unlock all gears on JC3 when one challenge with the magnet and the stones is glitched and my friend was the first one to reach one gear on the leaderboard.

  9. I've got the Battlefront platinum! The Master trophy was the hardest, trample was tough, but the master trophy was way worse.

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