Home Videos Xbox Fitness on Insanity Using Xbox One’s Kinect

Xbox Fitness on Insanity Using Xbox One’s Kinect


Xbox Fitness on Insanity Using Xbox One's Kinect

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  1. MS messed up taking down Xbox Fitness, how do i tell the difference between ps4 and xbox one now? Xbox one sold me on an experience and a kinect that would have led to a kinect 2.0/3.0 in the future….

  2. Good job Brian. And he finished on round 2 of a 3 round warm up. Then comes the stretches then the ACTUAL Insanity workout.
    Damn those warm ups are a killer 🙂

  3. So IGN can you maybe answer this question:
    The footage that you show is from the real Insanity 90 days fitness programm. I'm just confused because apparently there are 4 Version in the Xbox store. 3 single insanity videos and 1 whole insanity for xbox one course… where is the difference?

  4. This great that it out there for the public eyes to use on saving from living your own time and to save gas and just saving money on The GYM and workouts at home .It's about time .thank you for your business and look into the future of stay home fitness workouts .a BIG THANK YOU youtube and XBOX sincerely a BIG thank from Reynaldo .

  5. Want to start working out more with Xbox fitness, i only did the 10 min solutions so far. Anyone got a tip for a "good" workout on Xbox fitness? I really dont want to start with the insanity, because i know im not in the shape to start it right now.

  6. Been using it for the last 2 months and i can say that is way more quality than i expected and it's really fun to workout with! Very recommended to anyone who wants to get in shape 😉

  7. I just tried this tonight, I must be very out of shape cause I was sweating buckets and got completely winded

  8. I have an athletic physic.. but I have to admit, I thought I was in shape until I used Xbox Fitness, it wore me out lol
    Definitely works and I look forward to keep using it!

  9. I tried the whole rockin body Shaun t video but I sweat so much sweat was dripping on my carpet

  10. Personally I like Your Shape's stylized presentation far better than that interactive gym movie with screaming instructors.

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