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now a days do you think it is a waste to get a console if you dont have online for it?


dont get me wrong some games have great campain modes like mgs4 and call of duty 4 but they seem to short but when you play online for cod4 its like something you’ve never seen before and it is so addicting and takes long time to get 10th prestige and playing a game by yourself is boring but when you play online you play with the best

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  1. Coming from someone who just spent $50 on an NES, i’d say no. It all depends on the reason u play games. They relax me, so I enjoy them no matter what. Online play takes it from escapism to competition. I’m on the 4th prestige in COD4, but I look at it as passing the time until the next game I want comes out, then I’ll lose myself in the story of that one.

  2. It’s nice to have it, but it’s not that necessary. It’s important only if you play a lot of multiplayer games. Also online is good for downloading/buying games, messaging, web-browsing.

  3. I’m agreeing with Jeff. Online is a great bonus. To be honest though – COD4 would not have had the same appeal to me without online play.

  4. I see online as a nice luxury but not necessary. Of course some games like Warhawk you can only play online, but I think some games have proven that you don’t need online to make a good game. Just look at the Wii and some of its games!

  5. to Michael H the wii DID HAD ONLINE PLAY BEFORE MARIO KART Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii’s was the First Online Game on the wii and many other games were before mario kart and had online play

  6. Is it a waste? I wouldn’t think so, as long as there are games that have a decent single player. Online gaming to me is a bonus!

  7. the games are short nowadays u can finish the whole game in one day but online it neverending thats why its fun and addicting and u could play with reall teammates =D

  8. The Wii is the best selling console of the recent generation of game consoles and didn’t have online gaming capability until MarioKart.

    I don’t have a Wii and I prefer my PS3, but it just goes to show you don’t need to play online and it isn’t a waste.

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